Howdy, my name is Zach, husband of the stunningly beautiful Rose and father of two crafty yet sweet, loving babies, Lily Rose & Katie Zamora.

Currently, I am a full-time student at Texas A&M University, class of 2018 (A-Whoop!) and work as a youth intern at Central Baptist Church in the high school ministry.

Through this blog I hope to accomplish a long-time desire. That is, to share from the overflow of the wonderful things, that God in His grace, has taught me and is currently teaching me.

I view this blog as a tremendous opportunity to reflect on real life matters and other various subjects. I have not designated a chief focus for this blog, but intend to cover such matters as apologetics, reflections of books I am reading and have read, life experiences, lessons learned from God’s Word and more…

I have hopes that by writing these things that;

First, it will help me to remember the things I so often forget or pass over (my wife’s blog may attest to my forgetfulness.)

Secondly, that individuals of all perspectives and philosophies would be challenged to consider critically their world views and would to come to see that the Lord is good, observing the works He has done and is doing.

Thirdly, that those who find themselves to be born again followers of Jesus Christ would be encouraged and know the struggles, triumphs and thoughts of a brother who is by faith traversing the same trail of discipleship.

I pledge to be respectful in my handling of the matters I present, having been charged and transformed to love others in the endeavor of proclaiming truth.

By His Grace,

a nobody, telling everybody, about a somebody, who will save anybody.